About Go 2 Pest Control

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Who Are Go 2 Pest Control?

We are a family run business with a great team who are hard working, smart and very conscientious, in a nutshell the Go 2 people we all need from time to time.

All our staff work to a high standard with full training and will offer you the best service no questions.

We cover London, Surrey & Berkshire and we are constantly working to offer the best service at the best possible price.

Why Go 2 Pest Control?

Pest control is ever changing with new products and treatments entering the market on a daily basis. we are at the fore front of this and work tirelessly to contribute towards the ongoing treatments available to “do our little bit for the environment” especially identifying and appropriately treating as we have a duty to protect “non target species” i:e native wildlife & work in accordance with legislation.

The “pest “ world itself is vast with many different species, the key to effective control is identifying the pest and understanding the importance of biology, behaviour and then correctly treating, this is key to the most effective result using our many treatments whilst taking into account the financial liabilities and health risks that can arise from uninvited and untreated pest infestations, we control, protect and manage this for our clients and work with total due diligence to control and protect the welfare of all of our clients and their properties, ranging from a family home to food service, healthcare, retail units, warehouse’s, schools and any other property from start to finish.

Environmentally friendly

Child & Pet Friendly Products

Residential properties benefit from a rapid response, identification and effective treatment.

This is where our Go 2 technicians’ experience and training excel, resulting in our customers having their pest problem controlled sooner.

Non-Target Species Protection

Our goal here at go 2 pest control is to protect public health and to never disturb non-target species. Go 2 are registered supporters of the “Think Wildlife Campaign”.

Have you got any more questions?

Take a look at our FAQs on our Contact Us page or get in touch for more information